Coaching Services:

Feeling overwhelmed with everything there is to know and decide about your pregnancy? Looking for emotional support from someone who’s been there? I’m here to share everything I’ve learned and listen to what’s on your mind.

Here are some things I can help you with:

Trying to conceive (TTC) support
Visioning and planning your birth
Choosing a provider and place to give birth
Searching for local resources
Homebirth vs birth center vs hospital
Getting an out of network provider covered by insurance
Coping with 1st trimester sickness
VBAC planning and provider red flags
Breech birth
Labor pain management options
Postpartum support planning
Feeding choices
Setting yourself up for breast/chestfeeding
Preventing birth trauma
Healing birth trauma
Gestational diabetes support
Family-centered cesarean planning
Finding or creating a parenting community
Pregnancy and birth myths
Birth story listening
Cesarean recovery

1 hour phone or video call

We’ll talk about a specific concern you’re having, work through a decision you’re trying to make, or plan strategies for how you can get the support you need. Or I’ll just listen to how you’re feeling and validate what you’re going through. You tell me! Phone or video support is $50 by the hour.

Monthly virtual support

Weekly hour-long phone or video support and unlimited text messaging or emails inbetween. $250 a month for this extra level of support.

Whole pregnancy virtual support

Weekly hour-long phone or video support and unlimited texts and emails for the duration of your pregnancy and one month postpartum. Please reach out to get a quote for the most comprehensive support I can provide virtually.